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Translation agency Sintaksa has been operating since 2008. The agency has originated as a response to specific market needs at that precise moment.

The goal of our agency is to provide you with the best quality translation, within the optimal period of time, with maximum respect for the given deadlines and with absolute discretion regarding the content of the sent material.

Our agency’s business philosophy is reflected in the fact that in addition to quality translations, cooperation with us also enables you to be carefree.

All you need to do is provide us with the materials and deal with your priorities, while we deal with your translations.

Our team consists of many associates with plenty years of experience in various translation areas, specialising in relevant fields: economics, finance, law, technology, medicine, telecommunications, transport, agriculture, mechanics, construction.

We have selected our team with care and while paying attention to detail because a satisfied client is our absolute imperative at all times.

That is why our complete work methodology is dedicated and created exactly to cater to your needs.


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Translations without certification

Our well-coordinated team of translators translates in writing from most world languages and can translate any language combination without certification.

Written translations without certification generally include translations of documents which do not require a guarantee of legal authenticity by a certified court translator.

In general, translation services include translations which cover all types of industries and content, web materials, general office documentation, journals, administrative and financial documents.

This includes translations of catalogues, brochures, instruction manuals, multimedia presentations, websites, e-mails or correspondence.

Translations by a certified court translator

Written court translator certified translations are necessary for legal validity of documents. The certification of a court translator is generally required for translation of official documents.

These include documents such as various certificates, confirmations, diplomas, powers of attorney, notarisations or contracts.

Our agency’s team is skilled in providing professional translation services for the widest spectrum of document translation services. Accuracy and precision are our second name and you are in the safe hands of translators.

Oral translations (consecutive and simultaneous)

You can also ask us for oral translation services in case of conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Consecutive translations are oral translations of a certain content into a desired language where the translator is in the speaker’s immediate vicinity, memorising carefully the former’s presentation and then repeating the same for other participants, translated into the relevant language.

It is used during meetings, conferences, lectures, and presentations with not that many participants.

Simultaneous translations are the type of oral translations where the translators are translating at the same time the speaker is giving his/her presentation, using the necessary equipment. Translators are seated in translation booths, while other participants use headphones to listen to the direct translation.

This type of translation lasts for a while, therefore hiring two translators is necessary, so that they can switch and thus maintain their concentration at the highest level.

It is used during gatherings, conferences, lectures, and presentations with a greater number of participants and where speakers of different languages may participate.

Why us?


Translating is an intellectually demanding process which implies not only a good knowledge of the language but also experience and a lot of professional knowledge in the area which is being translated, as well as linguistic and proofreading work. That is why we approach each text with maximum care.

From the moment we take the material and for each specific offer, we guarantee that it will be completed within the agreed deadline. We also guarantee the quality of the translation and strictly respect the agreed deadlines. The confidentiality of your data, i.e. the discretion regarding the content of the material is guaranteed. You are in the safe hands of translators.



















We provide offers for other languages and language combinations at request.



Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality translation service at the most optimal and competitive price.

One of the most frequent questions we get from all clients is related to the price of our services.

The price of written translations of any text depends on several factors, some of them being:
  • Combination of languages
  • The complexity of the translation
  • Number of pages and document volume
  • Whether the translation is certified by a court translator or not
  • Deadline

How is the translation price (calculation) estimated?

The price of a written translation is calculated based on the number of translation pages.

Texts can be written in different fonts and font sizes, so the rule of thumb for the text quantity calculation unit is that one page contains 1800 characters. Characters include the number of letters and punctuation marks with spaces.

Price calculation is always done in the translated text and the calculation is done by opening the Review option in Word, then clicking Word Count and looking at the number next to Characters (with spaces).

The obtained number of characters with spaces is then divided by 1800 and the result is the number of translation pages.

At your request, you can get a free translation estimate!

The price of oral translation is calculated by the hour, i.e. day.

The final price depends on several factors:
  • Combination of languages
  • Engagement time
  • Whether the simultaneous or consecutive translation is necessary

Depending on whether the translation is consecutive or simultaneous, the price is formed by the hour or by the day of the translator’s engagement.


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